2006-08-27 - NJ & Ocean City Fishing Report - August 27, 2006
Over Under Adventures reports that the Over Under fished the Mid Atlantic this week, while the Pretty Work continued to put a beating on the tuna inside the canyons. The Over Under spent most of it's week pounding the deep in search of a Big Blue Marlin that never showed up for them. With an 88 pound white marlin all ready weighed in, the decision was made early on to fish for Blue Marlin, as the hot white marlin bite was off in the deep some 100+ miles offshore and a bit out of range for the 54' Bertram. Meanwhile the Pretty Work was banging out the tuna inshore, fishing from the Lobster Claw all the way down to the Washington Canyon. The bite continues to be pretty consistent with most of the fish in the 40-45# class with a few smaller and larger fish mixed in. The highlights of the week were a 120# Bluefin that crashed a bait on Wednesdays trip, and a 15 fish day on Saturday. On Saturday the crew had 10 rods go down simultaneously, coming tight on 9 fish, and boating all of them. As soon as the weather clears up, the Over Under will begin its canyon overnight season, expecting that the hot fishing going on in the Hudson will find its way down to the middle canyons just in time.