2012-02-02 - Great Miami Sailfish Action!

Miami Sailfishing Report

Miami Sailfish CharterWow, what a day.  We had the OVER UNDER, our 54' Bertram out for a day of live-bait sailfishing off Miami yesterday and boy were the fish there.  We only ventured about 5 miles south of Government Cut and ended up right out front by the end of the day.  Capt. Joe reported pretty much non-stop action after they secured enough live-baits for the day.  We are kite fishing with Goggle Eyes and Threadfin Herring.  In total, about 25 fish were seen in the baits, with 16 hooked up, and eventually 8 released boat-side.  Doubles and triples were the norm, making for a lot of chaos and excitement.  I think we pretty much spoiled our guests for the day, with several first timers on board.  Seems the fishing may be really good for a couple weeks, as the fish begin to push through to the south finally.  Come on down and get in on the action!  We will be here till March and have plenty of good opportunities to get out. OU is set-up to stay aboard, avoiding extra costly hotel expenses and we have both charters and single spot opportunities.  We will also be making some shorter 2-3 day runs over to the Bahamas, before heading there for good in early March. First stop Paradise Island for a couple weeks, then down to Cat Island for 2-3 months.

Miami SailfishingCapt. Joe's Audio Report - Miami Sailfish Report

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