2005-09-18 - September 18, 2005 - NJ Canyon Charter Fishing Report - 10 tuna!
The OVER UNDER only got out once this week due to Ophelia. In the first of a series, of Penn Fishing Tackle sponsored weekly Open Boat Trips, the OU had a group of 6 guys from the Sea Isle City, Ocean City area out to the canyon for a quick overnight trip before Ophelia set in. The plan was to get back into the big bluefin, then spend the night on the edge chunking yellowfin. On the way out Capt. Trey spoke to one of the scallop boat captains they\'d been working with, only to find him steaming for port. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the fleet was doing the same. Eventually, however, the OU found the bluefin, boating 2 and releasing 2 before dark set in. The fish were a bit smaller this trip, in the 80-90# class. Getting to the edge about 9:00 pm, OU quickly had a double header yellowfin hooked up and boated fish of #55 and 52#. One was boated with a spinning outfit and the other with a graphite Penn GLD 30 two speed setup. Unfortunately, that was the best of it...the rest of the night produced 3 bites, catching 2 more fish, for a total of 4 out of 5 yellowfin. Fairly disappointing after the last three trips produced about 30 bites each. Needing to catch a few more fish for this group, the OU knew where to head...back inshore they steamed hooking up with the same scallop boat captain from the afternoon before. Capt. Phil had been kind enough to let them know where he\'d be in the morning and the OU was quickly able to get another pair of nice bluefin hooked up. They boated their third and released another, calling it a day and heading for the barn. In total this trip, the OU caught 10 tuna, 6 bluefin and 4 yellowfin to 90#. Not the best trip of the season, but if this is as bad as it gets, everyone\'s in good shape! Rip Turner, a regular on the OU, was the winner this trip of the Penn 30 reel. Way to go Rip! Everyone on board is now entered in an and of the season raffle for a Penn 50VSW as well.