2010-10-15 - Great Tuna and Swordfishing
We pulled together another open boat trip this past week and took advantage of the great weather window and reports, and headed on up to the Toms Canyon. On this trip we had two product engineers from Penn, with their lineup of new Torque Jigging Reels, and 12 VS/VSX's. Our intention was to put them to the test, and that we did! More on that later...

The Quick Recap is 8 nice 60-75 pound tuna boat, 200+ pound sword (not sure exactly how big, photo below), released a couple other swords, lost/saw a couple other swords, broke off a few tuna at the boat, since we were putting extra pressure on them to keep them away from the sword we were battling (3 hours), few sharks throughout the night. You get the pictures...lots of action!

If there was any negatives, it was only that the sword bit at 3:45, and the tuna showed up thick under the boat at 4:30...we couldn't even get a tuna line in the water for almost 2 hours, as the damb sword,just kept tangling everything up....almost lost him several times. could have caught many more tuna, but oh well, noone was complaining when that thing came over the rail finally!

Joe's putting together a full report and I think we have some more photos.