2005-09-04 - Aug. 29th weekly report - 17,4,23 tuna/tiger shark
Over Under Adventures, ran three overnight tuna trips this week. The crew of the 54' Bertram, OVER UNDER, reported working the area between the Wilmington and Carteret canyons this week, finding the overnight bite at times red hot. On three trips, the number of tuna caught was 17, 4, and 22 respectively. The trolling action continues to be slow, but as you can see the overnight chunk has turned on real nice. On our last trip, a tiger shark made off with a couple of tuna, before it was hooked and released. We've also had two small makos caught and released. The water has been loaded with squid, which has been the bait of choice, either alive or dead, both seemed to work. The first two nights the bites were mostly up top, but on this last trip the tuna were hanging down about 120 feet underneath the large schools of squid under the boat. The bite seems to be throughout the night, but things definitely have been heating up between 2am and 5am, when double and triple headers become the name of the game. This morning at 6:30am, as we were pulling in the lines to head home, we got a double header, quickly boating a 35# longfin, and after 50 minutes, the second tuna, a 125# yellowfin came over the rail. What a great way to end a super trip.