2005-08-21 - August 21, 2005 - Wilmington Canyon Report - NJ Canyon Charter Fishing Report
After taking a couple weeks off to recoup from a long Bahamas season, the Over Under was back out this week and got the folks from Elite Group, into some respectible yellowfin action. Out for an inshore day troll, we stopped at the 30 line inside the wilmington and put the lines in. The area looked good, with lots of rips and small temperature breaks. Another boat had just reported hooking up a big blue marlin in the area, so that was all we needed to hear. It didn\\\'t take long till we had the first bite, a double header. One fished missed the bait (a problem we had all morning), and the other came tight on a green spreader bar. The fish was brought boatside, and decided to take another quick run and pop...hook pulled..oh well, off to get another one. The next fish was a single and we boated it, a 40# yellowfin. The action continued all morning till about 11:30 when it completely shut down. We ended up boating 3 yellowfin to 50#\\\'s and missing and loosing many more. The fish were short biting the ballyhoo and several crashed spreader bars on the unhooked squids. Most of the action came on Tournamnet Cable splash bars, with green machines trailing, although we did get a lot of bites on skirted ballyhoo as well, just that most of the ballyhoo bites were short.