2010-01-10 - Treasure Cay Wahoo Report

Treasure Cay Wahoo Report

There was a two day weather window to get out and go fishing between the fronts this week. Unfortunately OU did not make it out but the report is pretty good. Kevin and Kenny from the “Uncle Buck” went out fishing on the tender, a 26’ everglades CC out of Treasure Cay and put a 106# Hoo on the dock. As the story was told to me lines were wet for only about 20 minutes until it was game on. The fight only lasted about 20 minutes and having nowhere to store such a large fish they decided to head in. Congratulations again guys…a triple digit Wahoo is a real feat.

Hearing of “Uncle Bucks” good fortune the next day I decided to do some tackle work for myself and a friend who will be fishing the Hawks Nest Wahoo Tournament if the weather allows him to travel from Treasure Cay. I decided to go through all my Wahoo Tackle and revisit some of my favorite lures. When I was done putting together a little tournament pack for our friends on “April Fool” I noticed most of my lures were Rays Blue Water Lures. The only exceptions in that trend were a couple of heavy head skirts for bally/combos and another HOO favorite the large Purple and Black YoZuri plugs. The kit that was together consisted of enough lures to last an entire Wahoo season in the Bahamas. Listed below is a good kit to bring out Wahoo fishing.

4 YoZori Plugs (3’ cable leader)

4 Rays Blue Water TB2 (4’ Cable leader)

4 Rays Blue Water Woff (4’ Cable leader)

1 Rays Blue Water jet head w/ rubber skirt bad rig. (4’ Cable Leader)

6 Billy baits skirted heads on wire

4 64oz rigged trolling leads

4 48oz rigged trolling leads

6 25’ shock leaders

20’ spare cable

4 bags of # 12 wire

Depending on what part of the Bahamas you are fishing the number of trolling leads needed could be more or less. Last year I did not lose a single trolling lead to a shark or a Wahoo bite in the Abaco's. The year before based in the out islands we lost at least 10 rigs over the course of the season. Most of that is to blame on the sharks that sit on the edges of Cat and San Sal. Sharks are less of a menace in the Abaco’s.

Captain Thomas Neligon