2010-01-02 - Giant Bluefin Tuna on New Years Day!
It was nice to start the New Year off with a bite .We have been hard at it this season staying right through the Holidays. My wife Diann and friend Tara came to town for Christmas, which was a nice break for us. We enjoyed some home cooking, a few dinners out and we spent a little time shopping in Morehead and Beaufort (great towns). We were back at it this morning. When I got to the boat at 3:20 AM I was happy to see that everything was prepped and ready to go, then I figured out Lil John wasnât up early he never went to sleep. Needless to say, he slept well as we ran out about 24 miles west of R-14 buoy in 95 feet of water .We had our lines in at dark we trolled towards the break, the temp went from 60 to 64 degrees in 1 mile, the water was some of the cleanest we have been in this year. The last ½ mile we had dolphin with us jumping in between our rigger baits and alongside. There was mid column bait, and as the water went to 64 degrees the bait started to get balled up. We marked a few fish deep and kept circling the area .Our bite came at 7:00 am on a Joe Shute 3 oz Red head with a Crystal skirt on a down rod. We cleared the rods and down riggers and had the fish alongside in 40 minutes measured at 74â weighed about 250 lbs.

Happy to have him!. Oh yeaâ¦.. Lil John Slept real well on the way home too.!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year

Capt Keith