2009-11-01 - Kids Fishing in the Florida Keys

Get the Kids Out Fishing This Winter    

I had the rare opportunity to sneak in a few hours with my oldest (Justin) this weekend.  He’s just six and is “hooked” of course.  So often, many of us think that a day out on the water has to involve big boats, lots of preparation and expense, and having to deal with unpredictable sea conditions.  Too often, we all (present company included), forget that that’s not the case and so many other possibilities are typically available.  I’d have to say that just about any fishing location (if you look around a bit) has something similar to offer, whether it’s the back bays of the North East, the flats of the Bahamas, or the wonderful expanse of backcountry here in the Florida Keys.  Today, we simply jumped in the skiff and cruised the flats on the ocean side of Key Largo.  As you can see, weather, wind, and waves were not a factor here!  We worked on sight fishing (knowing what to look for), looking for bait, and improving his casting technique.  All this as I tried to remember how to navigate a poling platformâ€Â¦lol.   In the end, he caught and released his biggest barracuda to date, which was text book.  I saw the fish, Justin dropped the bait in just right, and the cuda cooperated and didn’t bite us off!     


Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey