2009-09-07 - False Albacore on the new Mirage 21 Center Console
We had the new Over Under 21 Mirage out to the Sea Isle Ridge today for some False Albacore action with hopes of running into a Wahoo or schoolie BFT. There was a light wind but larger easterly swells with a little chop in the morning , but that didnât stop the new 21 CC Mirage!! She is a smaller boat but rides like a 30!! 23-25kt cruise on the way out. We pulled up a little inshore of the south end of the ridge where we had good marks. Well it paid off with some great inshore trolling action!!! At one point I was marking so much bait, I looked over the side and could see schools all over. The falsies were mixed in and keeping us busy all morning. Our most consistent bite was just inshore of the west wall on the southern part of Ridge, tons of life. I also heard guys slamming them at the Table Top. The seas calmed down for us on the way in and we were running 30kts the entire way. Iâve been on a lot of CC âs but for a 21 footer sheâs the smoothest riding boat Iâve ever been on even in choppy seas, and has the speed to get up and go when needed. Sheâs an I/O that purrs like a quiet kitten, sips diesel, and rides like a big rig! Not to mention she looks awesome in the water Enjoy the pics!!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Tyler Fruits