2008-12-07 - Over Under - Weekly Fishing Update

Over Under Weekly Fishing Report


Islamorada, Florida Keys

Offshore Fishing Report

The week started out with winds blowing 25mph plus out of the Northeast. This made Offshore Fishing conditions unfavorable outside the reef edge. However, these conditions do allow the shallow patches to have lots of great light tackle fishing. As the cool winds make the Gulf waters cold [low 60's] a variety of fish move out to the warmer waters of the ocean.The best part is they have to go right past these patches, and when they get there they find lots of bait fish and plenty to feed on. The catches are a variety of Snappers and Groupers along with Spanish and Cero Mackeral. We also catch an assortment of Sharks, Jacks and Barracuda's.

WOW, it's Friday and the weather is perfect, the Sailfish are snapping. Today marks the first of our Winter series of Islamorada Sailfish Tournments, and what a day. The top boat had 18, the next had 15 and so on down the line. Day two, Saturday, was pretty good also, with the top boat catching a dozen. However, about 2 o'clock the wind switched and started to blow a little out of the west and the bite shut off. Not only did the Sailfish stop biting, but the entire reef went cold. This just goes to show you how quick things can change when you rely so much on the right conditions and that's what we go through on a daily basis.


Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Report

Out in the BACK COUNTRY FISHING has been nothing short of outstanding. We ran a half day trip, which was going so well, it turned into an extended full day outing. They ventured out to the Flamingo area and caught an assortment of Snook, Cobia, Red Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, and then finished the day pulling on some HUGE Goliath Grouper. This is all part of our Islamorada Fishing Packages here. A bit of offshore, a bit of Backcountry Fishing, and if the water temps are right, some snorkeling to see first hand how beautiful the reefs here in the Keys have been protected. So, over all I would say the fishing is pretty darn good right now. Listen to all the Audio Fishing Reports Firsthand!

Captain John Oughton


ESPN2 - February 15th, 2009

Feature Episode 7:30am

We finally got the teaser from George and crew. You can now watch a preview of what will be airing in February. This was maybe the best few days of fishing we've had in the Bahamas, and it just so happened that George Poveromo was there to capture it all on film.

The episode was filmed in San Salvador in late April, 2008. We had picked this date out over a year in advance, as the April new moon is almost always a sure thing in this part of the Bahamas. We were targeting Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin, and Billfish. We had had great results picking these dates on other trips with George. To date, we've filmed ESPN2 Episodes in Cat Island, Crooked Island, Diana Bank, and Rum Cay.

On our last morning, while trolling towards the dock and getting cleand up, we decided to put out a couple Blue Marlin plugs, as that was really all we hadn't caught on the trip. This MONSTER 113 Pound Wahoo took us all by surprise!

WAHOO VIDEOS - Click to Watch!

You can watch all our ESPN2 episodes including the popular "Diana Bank" episode by scrolling down the page.

Wahoo Fishing


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treasure caytreasure cay bar


Bahamas Fishing Update

After jumping right back into the Wahoo Trolling season, something we've come to know well here in the Bahamas over the last several years, we decided to explore the reef and inshore fishing options this week. We didn't have to go far, and anchored up on some great structure right in front of Guana Cay. The reef here is loaded with grouper, yellowtails and muttons. It doesn't take long after the chum bag hits the water to start bailing yellowtail snappers, and we put a few Mutton Snapper in the boat as well. The Grouper trolling here in the Abacos is known to be excellent as well, and this week, we'll be putting in some time sounding out some areas that have been known to produce quality Black grouper this time of year.

We'll be doing a lot more of this type of fishing throughout the winter, when we need to take a break from pounding the edge for the Wahoo. We expect the Wahoo bite to continue to be strong right through March, when we'll be moving down to San Salvador to look for the BIG BOYS! Usually we catch our largest Wahoo of the Season in San Salvador in March and April. We've gotten some reports a bit closer to Florida, that the west edge of Bimini and Cat Cay is giving up Wahoo in big numbers right now. Looks like bumping the speed up and putting the wire out right now, is almost a sure bet everywhere in the Bahamas.

treasure cay roomstreasure cay bar

More Photos of Treasure Cay Resort in the Abacos.



This week the focus is on Wahoo as it is that time of year. Our Deep rods consist of bent butt Penn 80 pound rod and reel, with 130 class line with a snap swivel. The snap swivel is attached to the trolling weight. Our trolling weights begin with a 300 pound swivel attached to 3' of 600 pound American Fishing Wire brand cable. One foot down from the cable there is a crimp, then a squid skirt with a 6oz egg sinker, followed by a 48 oz trolling lead, another egg followed a crimp, and one more foot of cable. It's all terminated then with a 250 pound ball bearing snap swivel. The squid skirts are used to stop the weight from wobbling in the water. The trolling weight is attached to a 20 foot shock leader made of 400lb Berkley Monofilament. The shock leader begins with a 300 pound swivel and ends with a 250 pound snap swivel. The shock leader allows the weight to be away from the lure. Now the lure: We use a 6 foot, 600 pound cable leader crimped to a large Yo-Zuri Bonita Plug (see below). Our favorite we have found is the Purple/Black. When running two deep rods we place them at each corner of the boat and be sure to set them out the same distance. Our deep rods are set out 120 feet behind the boat. Our line is marked with a permant marker so they are put in the same position every time.

Captain Joe Trainor

Wahoo Fishing