2008-10-15 - NJ Overnight Fishing Report - THATS RIGHT'S Last Trip for 2008
Baltimore Canyon Fishing Report We had THATS RIGHT back out for it's final overnight fishing trip of the 2008 season here in New Jersey. We headed back to the Baltimore Canyon, and were specifically geared up for Wahoo, Dolphin, and ready if a late season White Marlin came knocking. We put all the tuna stuff away, as there just hasn't been any bite to speak of in the southern canyons of late. At night, we were geared for Swordfish and Sharks. The day started a bit on the slow side as we trolled down the west wall past many of the lobster gear that is set on this side. No takers. We trolled across to the east side and hit 5 or 6 pots and still not a bite. Finally with about an hour of daylight remaining, we found a pot with some dolphin on it, boating on on the troll. We decided to spend some time backing up to pots in this area to see if we could put a bunch of dolphin in the box. Unfortunately, the pots over on the east side had very few dolphin on them, including the pot that held about 400 the day before. We picked a couple, but this was not a good way to start the trip. We set up a drift down the east side and quickly changed our luck as we caught and released a pup swordfish. The next couple hours were a bit slow, till we had a double header. We had a nice dolphin on the Shark Bait, and a decent swordfish on a Swordfish Rod. We ended up boating both, and both went in the box. Now things were looking up! A couple more slow hours went by, then as we drifted up the west wall, we got into some more Lobster gear and had the dolphin around the boat for 10 minutes, putting a few more in the boat. We decided at that point to do some dolphin fishing and from 1-4 in the morning, we hit about 6 pots, all loaded with dolphin. The dolphin were being picky though and were tough to get to eat. We caught about 10 more, with teh highlight being a bull, cow combo we took off one pot. Both fish were in the 15-25 pound range. In the morning, we trolled a bit, but decided to keep hitting pots as they were loaded up and everyone was having a good bit of fun catching the dolphin on light tackle spinning outfits. We ended the day grabbing one of the largest dolphin of the trip, off the last pot and putting it in the boat. Ini all we caught about 30 dolphin going to 25 pounds, with many fish in the 10-18 pound range. We had to work very hard to get the dolphin to eat on this trip. We say hundreds of dolphin, but typically could only get one or two off of each pot. This may be a symptom of the fishing pressure they've been recieving or of the water coolling off. The water temperature in the Baltimore Canyon was 67.5 degrees when we left for home.