2008-07-29 - LOW PROFILE Slams 245lb Giant Bluefin Tuna!
We had the Low Profile out yesterday for our third day of New Jersey fishing since arriving from the Bahamas. After two slow days of fishing, boating just a wahoo, we decided to try a bit of a different area from where we had been fishing around the Hot Dog. Shortly after arriving today we had a bite that never came tight, however action was sure to follow as we got a 57 inch Bluefin Tuna. We were convinced we had found the right area, however, we didn't have a touch for another 2 hours . We ventured further offshore and got into them at about 8:45am. We were trolling 13 rods and I think we had each one get a hit. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! We wound up coming tight on about 7 or 8 Bluefin Tunas, all in the 130 to 240 lb class. Next thing you know we were releasing 150 lb class fish as we knew we had a monster on one of our way backs. After battling the fish on a Penn 70 for the better part of 2 hours we had him at the leader as Joe Bonvetti had this battle won. This fish was very tough on the leader and Joe did a great job. Shortly after, Joe sunk the first gaff in the fish as I ran down to get the second. This Giant Bluefin Tuna measured 76 inches and weighed in at 245.5 lbs! It was unbelievable fishing today as for the first time I can remember we had 150 lb class fish crashing on flat lines 20 feet behind the boat. Unbelievable to say the least. Awesome fishing! Can't say enough good to get back into them again! Capt. Joe Trainor Over Under Adventures Corp. www.overunderadventures.com joe@overunderadventures.com (215) 740-5372 - cell (866) OUA TUNA - office