2008-06-08 - Blue Marlin an Sharks! Ocean City, NC, and Bahamas Fishing Update
Ocean City Shark Tournament Report: Friday June 6th, We fished our first day of the Bahia Marina Mako Mania Tournament. We started the day at the Lumpy bottom and drifted anywhere between 22 to 28 fathoms, the water tempeture was 63 degrees and the water quality was good. Lines when in at 7am alone with a bucket of "Monster Mash" chum. At about 10:15 the first shark hit a rigger mackrel on our Penn 80 rigged with a Spro snap swivel, 15' of 600lbs cable, another 800lbs swivel, 6' of 19# wire to a 12/0 Mustad hook. The fish came to the boat in 10 minute and it was a blue shark, we released it and got back to fishing. Fifteen minutes another our Penn 50 went down and after a 15 minute battle it was another blue shark. Finally right around 11 our 3rd shark hit and we thought this could have been the right one, it was a mako, however he was to small and we estimated him around 80 pounds. Saterday June 7th Today we decided to try a different location. We started at the south end of the Tea Cup, today the conditions were better, cleaner water, 61 to 64 degrees, calm seas and just enough current. Just like yesterdaywe started out with a blue shark which was released. We continued searching for the right mako to win the tournament. Around 9am our deep bait on a Penn 80 went down and we quickly brought it to the boat, it was bigger then yesterdays but not enough to get into the money, it was released within minutes. For the next 4 hours the blue sharks were one after another with a total of 8 all of which were released. Later in the day we hooked into the mako that we decided to keep and after a 20 minute fight we had the gaffs in him. At the end of the day we weighed him at Fishermans Marina in West Ocean City and he posted 115lbs. Not enough weigh for the money but plenty for dinner. On the other hand the Bluefin tunas have started to show up, one that was caught measured 54" which is a good sign for our upcoming season. We are availble for charter and have many open days within the next week and a half, so whether you want to go shark fishing or tuna fishing, LETS GO!! contact us at 1-866-OUA-TUNA.... Bahamas and North Carolina Update Blue Marlin was the fish of choice this week in both the Bahamas and North Carolina. Up in NC, we've been searching for the tuna and earlier in the week stumbled into a nice 500-600 pound Blue Marlin instead. Capt Randy and Anthony pulled a nice bait an switch and released the big girl after about a 30 minute battle on a Penn 50. Later in the week Randy reported that the Big Eyes had shown back up, and they were gonna be out looking for them toay. In the Bahamas, the dolphin fishing has completely shut down, leaving Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna as the targeted species right now. While not red hot, the fishing remains reasonably consistent. If you put your time in, you'll get your shots. Today we released one Blue Marlin, while pulling off another about 100 feet under the boat. We also had a couple other billfish bites that didn't come tight. The tuna are around, but not biting too well lately...the last 2 days, we've had two nice tuna bites each day, loosing both at the end of the battle to the sharks. The fishing seems to be on the upswing, and as we move into the Full Moon phase in June, the bite should be happening.