2008-05-16 - Bahamas Fishing Still Good - NJ, MD, NC to start next week

Bahamas Fishing Report - Bite Slows, the gets really good again.

The action let up for a few brief days in the Bahamas, as a late season cold front passed through and the wind came out of the west. As soon as the wind switched back around however, the fishing has been back on! Yesterday, for instance, LOW PROFILE was 1-2 on a double header of Blue Marlin, added a White Marlin release and had steady action with nice sized dolphin all day long. The previous day, as things were just beginning to get back into full swing, we had 2 White Marlin bite (no hook-ups), a nice Tuna Bite (lost to sharks), and a good pick of dolphin to 38 pounds. We are now fishing out of Hawks Nest on Cat Island, and will be here for another few days, before returning back to San Salvador, where hopefully things are still on fire. The Blue Marlin bite should get hot and heavy over the next few weeks, and we will be right in the thick of it, as we are fishing every day from here on out. One trip remains available for our season, if anyone has any thoughts of a last minute Marlin and Tuna Trip. June 30th is our final remaining date.

MD, NJ and NC Fishing!

Both PRETTY WORK and THATS RIGHT are packed up and headed North this weekend to join JUSTIFIED, which is all ready settled in at Avalon, NJ. Look for lots of great action to start up as we begin fishing out of Ocean City, Md and Pirates Cove, NC. The Tuna and Marlin bite remains very good in the Outer Banks and we'll be starting up next week.

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