2008-02-24 - Islamorada, Dry Tortugas, and Bahamas Fishing Reports

Dry Tortugas, Islamorada, Bahamas Fishing Reports

San Salvador Fishing
Fishing so far this year has been very erratic. It started out very good with wahoo then slowed to just ok fishing last week with a pick of yellowfin , dolphin and some smaller wahoo last week. Bottom fishing for snapper has been excellent everyday with yelloweyes , buttons and black snapper. This week we expected great fishing with the falling moon and were greeted yesterday with excellent fishing with 5 yellowfins (biggest 56lbs) and 2 wahoo (76 and 64 lbs). Today we expected the same but was alot slower with just a bunch of small tuna. Back at it tomorrow . Hottest bait for both the yellowfins and wahoo has been a 2 lb trolling weight with a 20 foot shock leader followed by 130 lb mono with a horse bally (blue and white islander on top).

Islamorada Fishing Report

Pretty Work Took 3rd in the Poor Girls Sailfish Tournament This Week! The fishing here in islamorada has been good. We are starting to see more cobias and some nice big King macks along with a few wahoos near the moon. The bottom fishing has also picked up with some more black groupers showing up in the deep 125 or so.The sailfish have been hit or miss.

Islamorada Hump Fishing Report

We had THATS RIGHT out on Friday and decided to change things up a bit. We had a bachelor party group on board and they were up for some trolling. With fairly slow reports in on the reef and not too many sailfish around either, we headed offshore. It was a bit bumpy this morning, so we decided to do some high speed trolling on the way out, running two Yozuri Bonito Plugs way back. No takers on the way and we found ourselves at the hump with not a single other boat out there. Should have been perfect right? Wrong.... Very slow..hardly any birds around at all. We picked a double header Blackfin right off the bat, to the SE of the hump about a mile, chasing a frigate and a couple of birds...then it was very slow. An hour later, we bagged a triple, and a few more singles. We ended up catching about 10 and began our high speed journey in about 10:30. When we left there were about 6 boats fishing the area and it didn't look like anyone was setting the world on fire.

Dry Tortugas Fishing Report

THATS RIGHT just got back from a 2 day Dry Tortugas Fishing Trip with Capt. John Reporting:

We started fishing early sunday morning just outside rabeeca shoal in 45 to 90 ft of water. The tides where a little tough on us because of direction with the winds, water was green and a little on the cold side. However we picked away at the yellowtails and some real nice mangrove snappers. Along with some sand porgys and lots of small groupers which we let go probably 8 different types of groupers.Later that afternoon we ran down to the Bank and fished for muttons and larger groupers which we did with great succes. We used large jigs with ballhoos and caught lots of red groupers a few scamps and two really nice yellowfin groupers. That night was quite just a few fish some snappers and one or two more groupers. Dinner was great we had some fresh shrimp that we traded for with one of the shrimp boats,along with some fish, rice and veggies, ice cream for desert. Monday was a tough day spent a lot of time going from spot to spot we manged to pick away but it was not fast and furious at all. We caught a few 50lb AJs. The water was chilly and the snappers i dont think were really happy but that manged to bite a liitle bit.Overall we really had Alot of fish with the condition the way they where.

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