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Over Under Sport Fishing Re-Introduces the Legendary Mirage Sport Fish.

Mirage is Back with a vengeance, and better than ever. Over Under and Mirage have teamed up to bring back this legendary fishing platform. A sweet new look, and plenty of new features to compliment the ride that Mirage owners have called legendary for years. Mirage is now available in 21', 32', and 41' Models.

What it's all about...

After over a year of negotiations Ken Fickett and Mirage Mfg have joined forces with Trey Rhyne and Over Under. Combining the skills of one of Americas most recognized names in sport fishing Over Under, with a proven builder, Fickett and Rhyne brought legendary naval architect Lou Codega onboard as the final lynch pin. Arguably one of the best teams ever assembled to tackle the problems of 21st century sport fishing, this new venture will be re-introducing the legendary Mirage brand,with a re-designed look. The new line of Mirage Sport Fish Boats will be available in 21, 32, and 42' models.

In 1971 Ken Fickett founded Mirage MFG and began building boats that had specific purpose. Whether Mirage was building high performance sailboats that became perennial champions in the hands of the most demanding skippers or sport fishing boats that have achieved near cult status for their ride and construction quality, compromise was never a part of the equation.

In 2006 after nearly twenty years of building sport fishing boats, the decision was made to temporarily halt production of Mirage’s very successful 32. Never a high volume production boat, as a result of the commitment...... Read the Full Press Release


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Who We Are

Ken Fickett - Owner, Mirage Mfg., Gainesville, Florida. Ken has been building boats in Gainesville for 40 years, and has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the industry with advanced expertise in high tech composites, in both the marine and aviation industries.
Lou Codega
Lou Codega - President Louis T. Codega, Naval Architect, P.E and a masters from MIT. Lou has responsible for numerous designs for leading manufacturers such as Cabo, Regulator, Carolina Classic, Hines Farley, and Mirage Mfg.
Trey Rhyne- Founder, Over Under Adventures, an industry leader in the Sport Fishing business. Over Under's boats are out there, day in and day out, and need to stand up to the most serious of conditions.
Mirage 21 Center ConsoleMirage 21 Center ConsoleMirage 21 Center Console

Photos of the New Mirage 21 Center Console - Available for Sea Trial in Avalon, NJ all Summer!

Lots More Photos of Our Boats

www.MirageSportfish.com - Check out the New Mirage Web-Site

Fuel Efficiency

We don't believe for a minute that fuel prices will continue their current downward trend...and doubt that you do either. More than likely, in another 18 months, we will again be staring at $4.00 per gallon for diesel fuel. Our 32' model will achieve MORE THAN THREE MILES PER GALLON at 33MPH! And when we sea-trial our new 40' Model later this year we expect to be at better than TWO MPG at 28MPH! The only thing we won't compromise on for fuel efficiency is the ride.

Mirage 32 Flybridge

The Ride

We don't have the luxury of picking our days so we needed a boat that does the job, even when conditions are not optimal. You can get in just about any old boat and it will handle things great when the wind is light, and the seas are one-two foot. When it's blowing 15-20, the forecast is marginal, but everyone wants to give it a go, now you need a serious Offshore Sport Fishing Boat.

Pictured Left: The new Mirage 32. Above, the 21' Center Console. Diesel Powered for that "Big Boat Ride". With 100 Gallons of Fuel and 6 mpg, this boat can go anywhere in style.

The New Mirage 32!

The New Mirage 32 is well on it's way to being completed. Totally re-designed and engineered, this is a 32 like no other. With much help and brainstorming with some very informed people in the marketplace, including private owners, other builders, charter boat captains, and potential customers, we decided to do something truly unique in the marketplace. The Mirage 32 will always be available as a hard core, simple center console. But with so many center console's on the market these days, we new we could do something much more with this great riding hull. The new 32 (hull #1) is being built as a throw-back to the old 31' Bertram, 37' Rybovich, 32' Blackfin. It features a petit fly-bridge sitting on top of a 3 sided house with hard sides, windows and a windshield across the front. Dual stations allow you to drive from above or below and the house is open from the cabin entry to the transom, allowing for maximum fishability, protection from the elements and easy of maintenance (no curtains or towers). A classic look, coupled with state of the art fiberglass construction, and the innovative Volvo IPS power plant, will allow this boat to achieve fuel efficiency not seen in the market-place today. We are setting this boat up with single person operations in mind. So whether you are a charter boat captain, or a father out with the kids for a day of fishing, this boat will be easily handled by one person.

Mirage Charter Program - For Private Owners and Charter Captains, Making Entry Level Costs Even More Affordable!

Mirage 32' Center Consoles - Still Available, Same As They Ever Were!

For More Information, Photos, and Drawings please give us a call: 866 682 8862

Mirage 21
41 Mirage

Mirage 21 Classic & CC

Mirage 32’ Fly Bridge - Day Boat

42’ Fly Bridge Day Boat

  • Single Volvo 190 HP Diesel
  • 5 MPG
  • 100 Gallons Fuel
  • Range 500 n. Miles
  • Volvo IPS, I/O, or Yamaha Outboard
  • 2+ MPG at 35 knots
  • 250 Gallons Fuel
  • Range 500 n. Miles
  • Twin Volvo IPS
  • 1.75 MPG at 25 knots
  • 350 Gallons Fuel
  • Range 600 n. Miles

Available Immediately

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Scheduled for completion Fall 2009


www.MirageSportfish.com - Check out the New Mirage Web-Site