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New Jersey Tuna Charters

Tuna Fishing in New Jersey can be one of the best fishing trips you will ever take. Of course it's fishing, but when the tuna bite is on in the Canyons, there is nothing better!. Either day time or night time Tuna Fishing Trips can be arranged. We do both shorter (12 Hour) day trips, and longer (22-46 Hour) overnight tuna trips here in New Jersey.

Tuna Fishing Season!

Beginning in late June we will be fishing for Bluefin Tuna here in South Jersey. Typically the Bluefin show up around the last week of June and the bluefin bite ususally stays good through mid August. Sometimes the Bluefin will stay around all fall, which allows us to target them behind scallop boats on the way to the Canyons on our Overnight Tuna Trips.

Beginning in early July, we will be making runs to the canyon for Yellowfin Tuna. The best trolling bite of the year has been early July, so dont' feel like you have to wait until September to go Tuna Fishing this year! We can do either 16 hour Day trips for tuna, or our standard 22 to 46 hour overnight canyon trips. Our shorter 12 hour trips are primarily bluefin tuna trips, and we fish 40 to 55 miles off the beach for them. The longer 16 hour trips allow us to get to the canyons which are about 70 miles out of the Cape May, NJ area.

We run two offshore boats out of South Jersey and are widely recognized as one of the top producing boats and specialize in overnight canyon fishing. Take a look over on the left hand side of this page and you will see some recent articles and ESPN2 episodes that feature our NJ Canyon & Tuna Fishing operation. Our largest boat is a 55' Custom Carolina Boat called LOW PROFILE. Our second boat is a 48' Ocean Yacht. Both are specifically set up for nj tuna fishing.

Chunk Troll or Jig, we do it all. We will fish for the tuna in any way you'd like or focus on what we think will be most productive. When we troll, sometimes we will run as many as 14 lines! We specially rig our outrigges to allow us to maximize our spread, so that when we raise a school of tuna we can capitalize. It is quite a sight to see when 14 rods all go down at once! Chunking and jigging has always been a passion for us in NJ and if we can get the fish going on the chunk, look out! Limit catches can come quite quickly.


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