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New Jersey Overnight Tuna Charter Itinerary

What to Expect!

Your day will begin with meeting the Over Under Adventures crew at the dock at Avalon Point Marina. Usually, we when you arrive, we will have just returned from our previous nights tuna fishing, overnight in the Canyon. This should be your first sign that you are on the right track. Key to success in this fishery is being out tuna fishing in the canyon at lot. The more you are out, the better idea of where to start looking for the tuna on the next trip. Often the crew will be cast netting fresh bait for the trip. This is your second hint that you have picked the right overnight tuna charter! We love to have LOTS of bait, and if we can get fresh bait, you can bet we'll spend the time cast netting it. Sometimes we'll have 100# of fresh bait on board, if it's available. From Avalon's dock, we will cruise on over to Sunset Pier, where we will stop and get more bait, and ice the boat down. Then it's right out Townsend's Inlet, which is the closest port to both the Spencer and Lindenkohl Canyon. Typically we will run to about 50 fathoms, or about 2.5 to 3 hours where we will start fishing. Normally, we'll start by trolling for tuna. Our goal during the day, is obviously to catch fish, but even more importantly, to stake our our spot for the overnight tuna bite. We will troll up until dark, then usually put out 2000' of anchor line to hold us over the most productive water area. We will usually be anchored in about 500' of water, which is right on the NJ Canyon Wall. Whereas, most other charter boats will drift, because it is both expensive and hard work to anchor, we will normally anchor. When you drift, you can not hold your depth and have to rely on the tuna moving with the boat, which is often not gonna happen, if there is bait holding the Tuna in a particular depth or area. This should resonate as yet another hint that you've picked the right boat for your New Jersey Overnight Tuna Charter! After that, it's time to get more BAIT! Tuna lines go in right away, but we are usually more concerned with loading up on live squid as the sun sets, Often the squid are around shortly after nightfall, but will become scarce as the moon rises. SQUID is like Tuna Candy! The more you catch, the more you catch, if you know what we mean! We use all sorts of various methods to catch the squid, which is not as easy as most make it out to be. We have a few tricks you'll learn if you come fishing with us....The tuna will usually come in waves, often a good bite between 9 and 11, then another from 2:00am on, depending on moon/tides/bait concentrations etc. When we have time, we will also deploy a rod specially rigged for Swordfish. The Tuna can bite anytime, and often will bite all night, but sometimes you'll get a flurry, go cold for an hour or two, then another flurry, etc. This is where having LOTS of fresh bait can be your advantage...The trick is to hold the tuna under the boat. When you are competing with a bunch of other boats, as well as a sea full of live bait, you gotta have something they wanna eat!. We will also have jigging rods ready to be deployed at the first signs of tuna on the depth sounders, or as soon as a fish is hooked. These fish swim in schools, so the trick is to get several hooked up at the same time. If conditions allow, we send a crew member, to the bow, with a jigging rod, as soon as the first fish is hooked. 50% of the time, we will hook another tuna this way. First light can often be the best bite of the trip, if the boxes aren't all ready full. At times, if the bite is that good, we will leave for home in the middle of the night, other times, we will stay through first light, then head on in. We try to be back to the dock by noon at the latest. Sometimes we will troll in the morning, if it was productive the day before, and the boxes aren't quite as full as we'd like. The ride in is for sleeping and catching up on some much needed rest. You will ride home resting in the salon, listening to music or maybe watching a DVD. Back at the dock, we offload, clean the fish, put them in your coolers full of ice and get ready for the next group eager to get going on their NJ TUNA CHARTER. And off we go again!

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