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New Jersey Marlin Fishing Charters

Yes that's right, we have great Marlin Fishing here in New Jersey! We do plenty of it in the Bahamas and North Carolina, but all summer we will be targeting White Marlin and Blue Marlin here in the New Jersey Canyons as well. The run to the marlin fishing grounds is about 70 to 80 miles and we fish on the edge of the continental shelf, better known as "The Canyons".

Marlin Fishing Season!

Beginning in June, we will start looking for the first White Marlin of the year to show up in the Canyons. We get shots at both White and Blue Marlin, but the Whites are much more common. We probably see 15:1 Whites to Blues. The White Marlin bite in the southern canyons directly off S. Jersey has been nothing less than spectacular the last couple years. The peak time seems to be mid August to mid September.

Marlin Fishing is quite a bit different than tuna fishing and often we are seeing marlin in our tuna spreads. Of course we catch some of them, but we do jump off alot as well. If you wan to specifically target White Marlin here in NJ, we switch over our tackle, run lighter 30 pound set-ups and troll mostly naked ballyhoo. These days dedicated white marlin fishing is all done with circle hooks, so that the fish can be released healthy.

For those interested in fishing in a Marlin Fishing Tournament, we have two of the biggest right here in S. Jersey. The Ocean City White Marlin Open and the Mid Atlantic 500 can both be fished from Cape May, NJ our our 55' Custom Sportfish (LOW PROFILE) is a boat that can seriously compete for the money. Our crews fish for marlin and tuna year round, comopeting in many marlin fishing tournaments. Whether you are looking for a fun day on the water, some instruction on proper rigging, or to compete in a big money tournament, OU has the boats and crews to get the job done.

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