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Anthony Frascatore - Full Bio

Anthony was raised at the Jersey Shore and made his first offshore trip, an overnighter of course, at the age of 19.  He was fortunate enough to get a private job with Bill May on the Boss Lady. That boat traveled from Avalon to Florida and then on to the Bahamas. "It was a perfect opportunity to sharpen skills and learn new techniques." Throughout a decade of working with the Boss Lady, Anthony & Bill fished many seasons in the Bahamas, Stuart FL, MoreHead City N.C., and Oregon Inlet where they had the opportunity to fish with and pick the brains of many world class captains and mates. Since then Anthony has worked on boats from Texas all the way to Australia. He spent many seasons on the boat from Texas. Some of those experiences included fishing 22 tournaments in one season (four months) in the Bahamas, then fishing the Mid-Atlantic Tournament season, and, of course, the overnight New Jersey tuna season. Most recently Anthony spent the winter in Isla Mujeres catching sailfish and then returning to do a couple of sailfish tourneys in Palm Beach and Stuart. "But I always return to the East Coast to catch them tunas!" 

Anthony has learned the best techniques for targeting specific species throughout the world. Some of those entail pulling plugs and doing some bait and switching in the Bahamas for Blue Marlin. In Stuart, Florida, they would dredge fish for sails with dead bait, and in Morehead City, NC they would troll for giant bluefin tuna also with dead bait. In New Jersey chunking for tuna at night in the Canyons and trolling them was definitely the highlight. In Australia and Mexico he exclusively fished circle hooks for billfish. He thinks, "circle hooking is the way to go because it's not just drag and snag anymore, you actually have to see the bite and hook the fish putting the angling into the anglers’ hands, also making you more aware of what’s happening. Not to mention a fished hooked in the corner of the mouth if released is healthier than a gut hooked one. The plus side to circle hook fishing far outways that of a J hook."

Anthony Frascatore now has 13 years of charter/tournament/private fishing experience with some of the most respected in the industry. Anthony says, "I believe you could never know enough or see it all. It changes daily out there and there are no two days the same. I have seen some methods that produce better than others and a standard for consistency is obvious, but every day I learn and see something else that is new to me. People say to me “what knot or what double line knot is the best?” I say the "right one" and the right one to me might not be the same to you but it's the one I am confident in and I know holds. Whatever knot you tie is the right one as long as you are confident in it!” Anthony is very passionate about this sport and would like to see all who fish with him enjoy and understand what's going on like why certain methods are used when they are. What happens when there’s a bite…and why off the bite certain methods like pulling pins down, dropping back baits, and putting baits back up are called for. To understand why on the chunk he likes trying different leaders, baits, hooks, lights on-lights off, slow chunking or heavy chunking, and jigs, and on and on…all the time working for the bite because that's the goal…to get the bite. Anthony encourages questions and will not hesitate to answer. 

"With all that said I have plenty more to go with it, so come fishing with us and let us show you a good time on the water. All of the crew here at OUA are professional, courteous, and willing to make your fishing trip a memorable one.” 

Anthony is presently with Over Under Adventures in Islamorada, Florida on That's Right.